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Imagine your website is the first thing your target audience sees searching where to buy...

All your competitors are pushed lower and lower down.

We make this real sending tens of thousands of unique page views to the URLs you specify through the global search engines daily.

All the hits are organic. Selected keywords are searched with major engines, and the URLs you need to promote are opened from the results page.

You only pay for the guaranteed quality traffic and can check the results in real time.

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Fine-tuned traffic boost with no risk

With our service, your website attracts more relevant users not facing any kind of threat. Real target audience’s attention to your service increases as fast as it can with the given website relevance and usability.
Impressive Geography

We deliver traffic from 75 countries now, and their amount is growing. Your traffic thus gets boosted at the global scale. We also provide niche targeting to hint the search engines whom to show your website in the first lines.

Refined keyword promotion

You can select keywords - more frequently searched or more specific - out of the list of suggestions.

Search engine selection

We support Google, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL, Yandex, Bing and more. Choose what search engines are relevant for you according to your target audience preferences.

AdSense safe

AdSense robots get upset when the traffic quality is poor. We guarantee real visitors with unique IP addresses. We do not use bots or click bait methods.

Knowledge-based solution to ensure long-term business success

The Internet is ever changing and hardly predictable. Old promotion methods quickly get outdated. It is important to review your strategies before your competitors do. As for the working tools, you can count on us, as we are:

Constantly learning

We have mastered every digital marketing technology at its time, from context SEO in the 90-s to big data analysis in the recent decade, and keep up with the newest trends.

Constantly expanding

We cover 75 countries and have more in plans. Importantly, 60% of our traffic is still coming from the Western countries.

Monitoring our results

Our observations show that organic traffic is more cost-efficient than other promotion tools and ensures real growth of conversion figures with proper targeting.

Best features

3 reasons to love our service

We aim at becoming your reliable long-term partner. Being purely result-driven, we offer:
Flexible discounts

A month of traffic rush to your website makes no sense if a lull comes in right after day 30. The show must go on, and we make it affordable for you.

Service guarantees

If you lose traffic for any reason connected with us we will compensate your loss. Yes, we guarantee the amount of traffic specified in your order.

Great behavioral factors

Even enormous traffic would be no use with high bounce rate and meaningless pageviews. We keep the average time on your website above 1 minute.


Select your tariff

Select your desirable tariff plan of hits and make sure you take advantage of a long-term subscription.
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Select the number of guaranteed monthly hits
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Purchase Guaranteed Global Alexa Rank

Each plan offers guaranteed Alexa boost. The warranty works in case of you having a certified Alexa account and you provide us with access to it for us being able to control your ranking improve.

The rankings are monthly averages, we recommend to keep the subscription on for the ranking to be long term and stable.

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Still not sure?

Just see how your stats change within one day of free 500-hit trial!


Let our customers speak

We get lots of feedback from our community. It gives us both the energy to keep going and meaningful insight into your needs and success criteria.

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