What is organic traffic?
Dealing with website performance and search optimization we should first of all learn how to distinguish organic traffic from other types of traffic:
Organic traffic and SEO
In the previous article, we discussed organic traffic in general.
Now let us elaborate on its connection with Search Engine Optimisation - the activity focused on increasing it.
Analyzing Organic traffic with Google Analytics
If you want to improve your search engine marketing performance, you have to know it in the first place.
Why does your website lose Organic traffic?
As we already mentioned in one of the previous articles, organic traffic is much more stable than traffic from other sources.
Is organic traffic important?
We have already mentioned the main advantages of organic traffic in one of our previous articles. In a nutshell; organic traffic is:
How to increase Organic Traffic on your website
The wisdom of increasing organic traffic is pretty much in doing the opposite to anything that can spoil your organic traffic which we have discussed in another article. We also elaborated on the search engine work principles there. Understanding them will be of use if you are committed to attracting more visitors.
Does Organic traffic affect Alexa Rank? is one of the oldest ranking services on the web. It collects and processes the website usage data from millions of users who have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers over the recent 3 months.